Hobbyist vs. Pro, Annual Planning, and Reassessing Your Inner Circle

Welcome to the first Metal Mastermind podcast episode.

We're starting with some 'heavy' topics that impact all of us rock and metal musicians.

First, we're covering the mindset of a hobbyist versus professional musician. How feasible is it to be a full-time musician for you and is it something you should consider? Or should you go semi-part, for example, playing live gigs on a part-time basis? If you're a hobbyist, do you want to entertain taking it a step further?

As we're releasing this during the first month of 2023, we get into annual planning. The strategies we talk about will help you both as a musician and many other areas of life.

We finish out with reassessing the people you surround yourself with. Does your inner circle, those closest to you share the same goals? Do they have the same values? Are they holding you back and helping you move forward?

We hope you enjoy the show and get a ton of value out of it!